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14 Things Facebook Users Need To Know

Facebook logo If you already use Facebook, or are considering it, we have compiled in this blog post the information and privacy tips you need to know:

  1. Study: Facebook Saves And Analyzes Your Unpublished Posts And Comments
  2. How To Lock Down Your Facebook Privacy Now That Old Posts Are Searchable
  3. Criminals Use Your Posts On Social Networking Sites. More Facebook Being Facebook
  4. What You Post Online Could Be Used To Determine Your Mental State
  5. Why You Shouldn't Install Those Entertaining Apps On Facebook
  6. Consumer Reports Reviews Facebook And How To Use It Safely
  7. Credit Reporting Agency Wants Access To Your Facebook, LinkedIn, And Twitter Information
  8. Website Exposes Embarrassing Facebook Status Messages
  9. I’ve Got The Facebook Social Plug-In Blues…
  10. Facebook Decides To Continue And Make Public More Of Your Private Data
  11. Facebook Photo Tagging With New Facial Recognition Software: What You Need To Do About Your Privacy
  12. Facebook Newbie? Read This First
  13. Just How Helpful Can Facebook Be?
  14. 7 Things You Should Stop Doing On Facebook


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