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5 Ways The Loss Of 'Net Neutrality' Will Affect Netflix And Other Video Streaming Users

ABC News published a news story recently that helps make the loss of Net Neutrality real for consumers... especially those that stream video content. A Federal appeals court recently ruled in favor of Verizon in its lawsuit against the Federal Communications Commission.

How consumers could (probably will) be affected:

  1. Degraded service
  2. Higher costs
  3. Greater technological divide by income, demographics

To see the complete list of impacts, read/watch the ABC News report. To learn more about Net Neutrality, read this blog post.

Of course, Verizona nd others claim the loss of Net Neutraility will spur innovation. Yep... inovative ways to charge consumers more. And, your Internet bill will look more like your cable TV bill: complicated and more expensive.

I sincerely hope that this bothers you, because it is time to act to save the Internet. Contact your elected officials today and demand action. There are several online petitions you can sign, including the ACLU, Bold Progressives, and Daily Kos.


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