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Logo for Babson College and Giving Voice To Values The Giving Voice To Values initiative (GVV) announced recently a joint venture with Business Expert Press (BEP) to produce a series of books on Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility. According to the The announcement (Adobe PDF), the goal of the book collection is to provide:

"... practical, solutions-oriented, skill-building approach to the salient questions of values-driven leadership... [and] emphasize research-based practical examples and guidance on how to positively enact values-driven leadership positions, rather than to focus solely or primarily upon ethical debate."

GVV includes both research and a curriculum taught worldwide in higher-education schools worldwide.  GVV is:

"... designed to transform the foundational assumptions upon which the teaching of business ethics is based, and importantly, to equip future business leaders to not only know what is right — but how to make it happen."

The joint venture seeks concise business education books of about 150 pages that target undergraduate, MBA, and executive education students:

"Books may be focused upon a functional area (e.g., Accounting Ethics); an industry (e.g., Ethics in the Financial Sector); a regional area (e.g., Practical Ethics in India); or some combination of the above. Although it is fully expected that some manuscripts may well include a focus upon the theory and analysis of ethical questions, or the history and benchmarks of Corporate Social Responsibility as it has evolved..."

I look forward to hearing more about the GVV/BEP joint venture and the books it publishes. Improved ethics by executives are sorely needed. One doesn't have to look far to find examples of unethical executive behavior, fines, and wrongdoing: JPMorgan Bank, Johnson & Johnson, Moneygram, CVS, government contractors, companies with data breachesemployers that commit wage theft, companies that produce leaky mobile apps, and companies that publish fake online reviews. A 2013 study found that junior banking executives consider wrongdoing an accepted way to advance in their careers.

Logo for Business Expert Press BEP is a leading resource in business education. The company publishes collections of concise, academically sound, and applied books for undergraduate, MBA and executive business education. Books are available in both print and e-book formats.

Interested authors can discuss book ideas with Mary C. Gentile, Director of Giving Voice To Values initiative, Senior Research Scholar at Babson College, and Editor of the GVV/BEP book collection.


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