NSA Reform: Take Action Now
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Highlights From Yesterday's NSA Reform Protest

The Day We Fight Back. Reform the NSA The protest yesterday included both physical and online events. The online activity included both the #Stopthe NSA and #TheDayWeFightBack hashtags. Consumers placed 86,454 phone calls and sent 178,903 e-mail messages to their elected officials in government worldwide. All within 24 hours.

Activity in the United States:

Visit The Day We Fight Back site to learn more about activity in the United States and worldwide. Notable tweets yesterday by elected officials in the United States:

Tweets by Senators Tom Udall and Ron Wyden

Tweet by Senator Ron Wyden

Tweet by Senator Patrick Leahy

Tweet by Senator Bernie Sanders

Meanwhile yesterday, House Speaker John Boehner tweeted about the ACA and the death of Shirley Temple, but did not tweet anything about NSA reform and surveillance. Senate Leader Harry Reid did not tweet anything about NSA reform and privacy, either.


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