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I receive a lot of spam comments on my I've Been Mugged blog, and I wanted to alert readers to a small change.

Most of the comments spam seems to be from offshore people trying to promote products for their clients. You'd be shocked by the advertising garbage people try to slip into comments. The spam advertises products, services, and topics (e.g., handbags, face creams, athletic shoes, power tools, child care, etc.)in a variety of languages that are  totally unrelated to this blog. You never see this spam because all comments are moderated. I reject spam comments and post valid comments for blog posts.

Know that the comments spam is ongoing. It never stops. I probably receive four to eight spam comments daily, and I'd rather spend my time doing other tasks that are productive and enjoyable. So, to help screen out the comments spam, this blog now requiress commenters to have JavaScript enabled in their Web browsers.

Most readers whon't seen any differences because most (good) people already have JavaScript enabled in their Web browsers. The spammers don't.

If you don't have JavaScript enabled in your Web browser, then your Web browser or this blogging service (e.g., Typepad) may prompt you to enable JavaScript. Thanks for your readership.

George Jenkins


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