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Chanson de Roland

Mr. Jenkins: Your chart is hilarious, and, unfortunately, highlights the narcissism and triviality of too much posting on social media sites. But, while we are self absorbed with gazing in the mirror of our latest posts or are pandering for the attention of our thousands of "friends," who we've never met, the social media sites, supra, and the new ones that appear are busy collecting our likes and goings and comings and doings, in short, nearly all of our personal information, which they sell or use with little regard for anything other than maximizing their profits.

So, while we like chocolate, social media likes selling us, which apparently is a highly profitable business. But just when will the demand for our personal information be sated to the point of being redundant and worthless? And with so many collecting our personal information, will Google, Facebook, and their ilk lose their status as the primary source of supply of our valuable personal information?

Google is already moving to prevent that outcome by diversifying to new and exclusive sources of our personal information, as it recently purchased a Silicon Valley company that will place embedded processor in our appliances and in every conceivable device in our homes so as to supply Google with the most detailed and most complete record of our personal information. For example, Google’s future intelligent toilets will allow it to know how we digest various brands of chocolate and alert us to possible diseases and then refer us to preferred health providers, receiving rich fees for our personal information from makers of chocolate, health insurance companies, doctors, hospitals, and others. Google’s autopilot cars will know precisely where we’ve been, where we are, and where we are going and with whom we are traveling with. Google will leave the NSA green with envy, as it transcend from the mere status of company to become Google as omnipresent God. And then what of Facebook and the developers of apps?

Perhaps, we would have been better served if Mr. Snowden had worked at Google and defected from it to reveal its surveillance and collection of all of the bits of our personal information that comprise who we are.

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