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Online While On The Toilet

Consumers love being connected online. Perhaps, too much. According to the results of a recent survey posted on the Social Times site:

  • 75 percent of Americans have used their smartphones in the bathroom
  • 63 percent of people read books, magazines, and newspapers while in the bathroom
  • 86 percent of men and 27 percent of women said the toilet was where they did most of their reading
  • Most popular bathroom activities: 67 percent text messages; 63 percent answer phone calls; 42 percent read e-mails; 38 percent surf the Web; 38 percent use apps; 29 percent use social networking
  • 24 percent of people said they never go to the bathroom without their smartphone

View more stats from the survey in the Social Times infographic.

If you are going to spend this much time and effort on the toilet, then you might consider upgrading to a "smart toilet." Several smart toilets are for sale on Ebay, and you can follow tweets by a smart toilet on Twitter. Smart crappers (electronic thrones?) are part of the coming Internet of Things (ioT) for consumers' homes. However, like any other Internet-connected device, smart toilets can be hacked.

In the future, I guess that teenagers won't toilet paper victims' front lawns. Instead, they'll hack and remotely operate/flush unsuspecting victims' smart crappers.

What are your opinions of the Social Times survey? Of smart crappers? If you have bought a smart toilet, please share below your opinions of it.


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