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6 Reasons Why Americans Refuse Privacy Protections From Government Surveillance

Pew Internet Research surveyed American Internet users and asked why some refuse to make any changes to their online behaviors for privacy and security after learning about extensive phone and online surveillance by the National Security Agency (NSA) and other agencies. There were five reasons or beliefs:

  1. It's too hard. 54 percent of users surveyed said that to enable privacy protections would be, "Somewhat Difficult" or "Very difficult."
  2. Nothing to hide. They consider their phone and online activity as uninteresting and/or totally legal. So they view any privacy changes as unnecessary.
  3. Lack the time or expertise. They consider the privacy changes necessary as requiring time and skills they lack.
  4. Resistance is futile. Any changes they'd make wouldn't stop the monitoring.
  5. Want to remain below the radar. They view the act of making privacy changes as inviting scrutiny.
  6. Believe they are safer with the surveillance. They view the surveillance as necessary for their safety.


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