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Epic Facebook Privacy Fail

A friend, who shall remain anonymous, posted the following photo on their Facebook timeline:

Facebook ad requesting your household income

Click on the image to view a larger version. Along with the image, my friend posted this status message:

"So this appeared in my right-hand rail. Seriously Facebook, are you tripping? Why would I give you information about my household income? Because I'm so sure you won't abuse the information?"

This is highly confidential information. Does Facebook need to know it? Does Facebook deserve to know it? I wouldn't share this data with them, and nor should you.

After a long, hearty laugh, there wasn't much I could add to this status message. Lots of businesses, including credit reporting agencies, want access to your Facebook timeline (for applications you never intended). In its rush to make money, Facebook has had so many privacy intrusions, snafus, data collection tools masquerading as fitness apps, and failures, that my friend summarized it all concisely.

I did post this comment:

"Epic Facebook privacy fail."


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