5 Banks Plead Guilty And Pay More Than $5.5 Billion In Penalties
Massive Data Breach At Federal Government Agency Exposes Sensitive Data of Government Workers

Editor's Picks

Readers: I apologize for the recent lack of blog posts. No worries. Simply, I have been busy with my "day job," which pays the bills. I will resume new posts soon. Meanwhile, twelve must-read items from this year:

  1. Report: Researchers Compare High-Speed Internet Services Worldwide. Consumers In The USA Pay More And Get Slower Speeds
  2. Technology Firm's Consent Agreement With The FTC Highlights The Spying Of Consumers At Brick-And-Mortar Retail Stores
  3. You Own That New Car You Bought, Right? Not So Fast…
  4. What You Need To Know To Pay With Your Phone And Ditch The Plastic In Your Wallet
  5. Update: Bank Of America Price Increase For Its Checking Customers
  6. Hydraulic Fracturing, Safety, And America's Future
  7. Telemarketers Offer Energy Discounts. Have You Received These Calls?
  8. Looking For An Electric Company With Lower Prices? What Massachusetts Residents Need To Know
  9. Corinthian Colleges Students Loan Repayment Strike. Is This A Revolt?
  10. The Starbucks Prepaid Gift Card App Fraud. What You Need To Know
  11. Prepaid Card Phone Scam: How To Spot It And Not Get Duped
  12. 5 Banks Plead Guilty And Pay More Than $5.5 Billion In Penalties


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