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Update: Consumer Reports Explores Claims About Theft of Files By Apple Music

Apple Inc. logo Prior blog posts discussed a consumer's claim that Apple Music "stole" music from his laptop, and Apple's response. Consumer Reports explored the issue:

"Can the Apple Music streaming service, launched in June 2015, remove music files from your hard drive without your permission? Even files you created yourself? The answer appears to be “maybe,” but the good news is that there are simple measures you can take to make sure your music doesn't disappear."

Consumer Reports reported:

Here's what the Apple website says: “We compare every track in your collection to the Apple Music library to see if we have a copy. If we do, you can automatically listen to it straight from the cloud. If you have music that’s not in our catalog, we upload those songs from iTunes on your Mac or PC. It’s all in iCloud, so it won’t take up any space on your devices.” However, the program should not delete the originals without your permission."

Consumer Reports logo And:

"The overwhelming majority of Apple Music users never experience such problems, but this sort of issue is reported occasionally, and not just in regard to Apple products. For instance, last year some Spotify users reported glitches in which the files downloaded to a computer or smartphone had disappeared. However, since the files in question were copies of songs streaming from a Spotify playlist, users were more annoyed than outraged."

Consumer reports advised:

"How can you protect yourself from losing your music? First and foremost, you can do what Pinkstone did. Make backups. Often. He relies heavily on Apple’s Time Machine software, and also stores his data on an external hard drive. For this reason, his Apple Music debacle was an inconvenience for him rather than a full-blown disaster."

This issue seems far from resolved. Read the report by Consumer Reports.


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