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What's New: Cruise Ship Vacations Through The Northwest Passage

Map of Northwest Passage itinerary. Click to view larger image You can now sail to parts of Canada and the Arctic Ocean that were previously inaccessible.

Since the 1500s, explorers have attempted to sail the Arctic Ocean and Northwest Passage, but were unable due to thick sea ice present all year long. With climate change, the sea ice has retreated far enough and long enough during the summer months for cargo and cruise ships to navigate this shorter route between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Crystal Cruises announced a new itinerary through the Northwest Passage to destination ports in the United States, Canada, and Greenland. Starting in August of 2016, the Crystal Serenity cruise ship will sail from Anchorage, Alaska to New York City, with port destinations at Kodiak (Alaska), Nome (Alaska), Ulukhaktok (Northwest Territories, Canada), Cambridge Bay (Canada), Pond Inlet (Canada), Ilulissat (Greenland), Nuuk (Greenland), Bar Harbor (Maine), and more.

Crystal Cruises is a high-end, luxury cruise line offering a truly all-inclusive cruise experience. Budget or entry-level cruise lines typically offer a low price, but add on a variety of fees. Many consumers prefer a one-price, all-inclusive vacation.

The cruise price includes complimentary fine wines and premium spirits, plus gratuities for housekeeping, bar, dining and Penthouse butler staff. It also includes fine dining at any of eight on-board restaurants, classes at the Computer [email protected]®, foreign language classes, themed cruises focusing upon music, film and entertainment shows, wellness and golf,  lectures featuring speakers, authors, and celebrities, art classes, an on-board fitness center, and concierge services to arrange personalized shore excursions.

The fitness center includes state-of-the-art exercise equipment, yoga classes, cycling classes, golf lessons, Pilates, and tai chi classes. The ship includes deluxe staterooms, staterooms with verandahs, penthouses, and penthouse suites. Staterooms include satellite TV, movie/DVD rentals, housekeeping, complimentary soft drinks and bottled water, complimentary beer, wine and spirits upon request, luxury bathrobes, and fine Egyptian cotton linens. Additional complimentary services are available in the penthouses and penthouse suites.

The Crystal Serenity cruise ship debuted in July, 2003. The cruise line spent $52 million in 2013 to redesign and upgrade the ship, including both staterooms and public areas. Besides the Northwest Passage itinerary, the ship sails to destinations in the Caribbean, South America, Hawaii, Australia, and the Mediterranean.

Prices for the 32-day cruise start at $21,855 per person double occupancy, and include the above onboard services plus transfers between the airport and cruise terminal in Anchorage. Prices exclude air fare and transfers between the cruise ship and airports in New York City.

Whether or not you believe in climate change, or agree that human activity contributes to climate change (a/k/a global warming), the retreating sea ice is an indication of changes in the planet.

Image of Crystal Serenity cruise ship


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