Seattle Strengthens Privacy Protections For Broadband And Cable Users
America's Other Drug Problem


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Chanson de Roland

This is an excellent and the most effective explanation of net neutrality, the instant effort by the FCC to eliminate net neutrality, and advocacy for net neutrality that I know of. Mr. Oliver effectively attacks and destroys the two basses that Ajit Pai must prove to overturn net neutrality: The clearly false contention that net neutrality has had any substantial effect to diminish investments in the broadband industry, and the also false contention, which the public record proves to be false, even if it were relevant, which it is not, that broadband ISPs hadn't violated net neutrality in ways that were anticompetitive in several markets for content and that limited the availability of certain services and/or content. The public record shows that certain broadband ISPs, which were among the biggest, had done all of those anticompetitive and anti-innovative things.

But let's say that ISPs had been saints and scrupulously complied with the law, fairness, provided for vigorous competition, and done all things that benefited the Internet and America's telecommunications. That would still not eliminate the need for net neutrality, because the law should and must deprive any ISP of the ability to do the bad things described, supra, by mandating net neutrality so as to prohibit any act that violates the concept of net neutrality, so that saintly ISPs won't be interfered with by the mandate of net neutrality, while the sinful ones will be subject to the full rigor of legal sanctions.

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