Survey: Users Don't Understand Facebook's Advertising System. Some Disagree With Its Classifications
Technology And Human Rights Organizations Sent Joint Letter Urging House Representatives Not To Fund 'Invasive Surveillance' Tech Instead of A Border Wall


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Chanson de Roland

Goddamn it New York Times: There is no fury like like scorned and betrayed liberals. Abetting, even if unintentionally, the election of President Trump, because all of Facebook’s senior managers are all good card-carrying liberals; Sheryl Sandberg’s working both sides of the fence and, when necessary to protect Facebook, clandestinely using conservative political operatives to attack liberals; and placing profits ahead of even liberal priorities, as Trump and Putin’s money was just as good as the DNC and Hillary’s money, have finally woke the New York Times to concerns about privacy, at least at Facebook, so that the New York Times has transformed Facebook from liberal darling to a pariah which is worthy of the its severest excoriation.

Truly, there is no fury like a liberal scorned.

Chanson de Roland

P.S. Facebook well deserved the New York Times’ (Times’) satirical censure of it, but, notwithstanding that, the Times’ savagery shows the vengeance that betrayed liberals are capable of. I think that the intensity of that savagery is not only punishment for Facebook’s heresy and blasphemy of the liberal creed but also that, in their erstwhile praise of Ms. Sandberg, Mr. Zuckerberg, and Facebook, liberals showed themselves not only to be foolish but to be fools, as Facebook and Google and their ilk, among the wealthy and powerful tech firms, notwithstanding their liberal leadership, are no different in their rapacity and lust for power, than the large and powerful industrial firms of yesteryear. That humiliation of being fools, along with blasphemy and heresy of the liberal creed and persons and discrediting of liberal pretensions of moral superiority and dispositively showing that liberals not only can be but are just as wicked as non-liberals, has bread hatred of Facebook.

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