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Celebrating 12 Years Online!

Twelve years ago today, I started the I've Been Mugged blog. During the first few years, the blog served as a tool to organize news, resources, and observations about data breaches, fraud alerts, credit reports, and credit monitoring services. All of this was new, as I struggled with how to respond to a former employer's data breach.

Over time, the I've Been Mugged blog expanded to cover privacy, surveillance, internet-connected devices, payments processors, energy providers, travel, and more. Many new technologies have emerged with sensors and cameras that collect data about consumers. The good news: there's plenty to blog about. The bad news: there's plenty to blog about.

Along the way, several guest authors have contributed. Thanks to them all. Bill Seebeck is still missed. I valued greatly his deep experience in banking and public relations. ProPublica has emerged as a new source of content.

Next, I'd like to thank all I've Been Mugged readers. I am grateful for your readership and for the comments you have submitted. We have explored together many interesting topics.

And, I especially want to thank my wife, Alison. Without her support and flexibility, I couldn't write I've Been Mugged.


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Chanson de Roland

Congratulations on your many years of informing and serving the public with your insightful and practically useful blog. Here’s wishing you the best for at least another twelve years.

After that, you probably won’t be able to see well enough to read and type and will be probably suffering from some form of dementia, so a younger writer will have to take over. When he or she does take over, he or she will have your high standard to meet.

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