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Walt Augustinowicz

I would like you to review the Identity Stronghold Secure Sleeve products. I can send in free samples. On a review of the Armadillo Dollar in January a poster says other products don't work. I would like the poster to modify that statement with a list of products or retract it. Our products certainly work and have been available for years now and are much less expensive then the A dollar. Our Identity Stronghold products are 3rd party lab tested and tested by the US Government for FIPS 201 approval. Are the posters products FIPS 201 approved? I don't see them on the FIPS 201 approved products list. NASA, Boeing, US Department of State, FAA, the White House, State of Washington and many many others use our product daily.

John Taylor

Don't forget then only identity theft service that provides complete restoration for each type of identity theft, and is administered by Kroll Fraud solutions. Need I say again that even though you have a Kroll product it isn't as comprehensive as the Identity Theft Shield. Do any of the other new companies have in-house licensed forensic investigators doing the work on behalf of the client? At $15.95 for two clients and includes three bureau continuous monitoring nothing comes close. No long term contract means that no one is after your money. Combined with a legal service plan you have the full coverage as described above and the services of the "largest law firm in the world" for all of your legal needs including identity theft issues. Ok, that is $38.95 per month, for an entire family, month to month.
Pre-Paid Legal Services Life Events Legal Plan and the Identity Theft Shield provided by Kroll.
We are the largest such company in the world, and have been underwriting these services for over 36 years for millions of clients.

Steve Schwartzer

I would agree with john Taylor. You've missed the most comprehensive ID Theft service around, as noted in the book, "The Silent Crime", What you need to know about Identity Theft by Michael McCoy & Steffen Schmidt, PhD. ID Theft Shield along with a Life Events Legal Plan provides the most compreshesive solution for Identity Theft in all 5 areas of ID Theft, before, during and after the event has occured.


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