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Do not sign up for Here is the path of relationship association that reveals big problems with id theft. Here goes...Transunion's subsiderary with truecredit which DBA great Fun (among others) is owned by Trilegiant (formerly Cedant) Trilegiant was sued last July for $25million by the state of Illinois. do I know all this? My identity was passed on from to great fun then for some strange reason...on the same account got hit with almost $1,000 charges by people ordering different goods being shipped to all different states also West Africa. So what can you do? I reported to everyone I can report to and I feel this needs some national attention on a grand scale. Any suggestions? Has anyone else experienced this same nightmare?



Trixie is correct. Trilegiant Corp settled with the State of Illinois in July 2008. According to the St. Louis Business Journal:

"Trilegiant Corp., a subsidiary of Cendant Corp., must pay $25 million to settle a class-action lawsuit filed by consumers who were charged for products they never ordered... More than one million people nationwide, including some in St. Louis, complained about the incorrect charges, said Rob Schmieder, an attorney who worked on the case."

"Norwalk, Conn.-based Trilegiant allegedly billed and collected unauthorized charges from consumers for products and memberships consumer never requested, including Privacy Guard, Credit Alert, Auto Vantage, Travelers Advantage, Buyers Advantage, Compete Home, Digital Protection Plus, Great Fun, Great Options, HealthSaver, Hotline, Just for Me, National Card Registry, NetMarket, Shoppers Advantage, Travel ER and others."

St. Louis Business Journal. July 18, 2008

Of course, as part of the deal Trilegiant admitted no wrong-doing. Based on Trixie's experience, there seems to have been an unreported data breach by either Great Fun, Cendant, or Trilegiant.

I encourage Trixie and other affected consumers to report any identity theft and fraud to both their local law enforcement and to the FTC at this page:



Thank you George for looking into this. I haven't seen anything happen as a result of this problem with truecredit. It's very interesting that this kind of thing can happen to just a plain old consumer like this and there are no charges pressed, no one is held accountable...just my bank (BOA) had to take the heat and put the money back on our account. I have reported to every federal, state and local law enforcement agency with no response back as of yet. Maybe it takes a long time for the wheals to turn in the consumers favor. I am very happy to have hopefully reached many people who could become a victim and saved them some trouble and heartache in the end. Thank you for your attention and this wonderfull website!


Brian Diez

Everyone must be very careful, for you not to be a victim..Thanks for the very helpful info.

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